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We've received positive feedback from our customers over the years. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

Very Happy!!! I and four other people I work with have been bringing our cars, vans and SUV's for the past 5 years to Casey's in Elgin and always get fantastic service at a price that is lower than quotes that I have received at other repair places.€

Staff was professional, they thoroughly explained the problem with my SUV and fixed it within a day. Great prices. I would recommend Casey'€™s to anyone.€

Joe the manager was great. He not only looked at the car for free he then showed me what was wrong and how it was going to be fixed. When there was a question about a repair at the time of the quote he lifted the car again to make sure that we both were talking about the same thing (He was right and it was fine.) I felt they were very honest about what needed to be fixed. The car has 140k on it and needed front end, struts and shocks. He found a problem with the exhaust I didn’t know about and showed my why and what they could do to fix it. The quote was $1000 less than other shops. He had to order parts and when he asked for the deposit of $400 I offered to pay in full at that time and Joe said that we only take a deposit and payment in full when work is complete and you are happy with what was done. The quote was Tuesday, The parts came Weds and my car was 100% done by noon on Thursday. And the best part.....Free T-Shirt.€

We have taken our cars to Casey's for the last several years. Professional service and staff. They do great work at fair prices. I always recommend Casey's to friends and family and will only see their team for my auto repair needs.€

€œThis family run, local business gets the job done at a great price. Take your car to Casey's!€

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